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With all the chaos of wanted and unwanted information created by various information providers such as Television Channels, Advertisement Agencies, Mobile Apps and many more, it becomes very difficult to look at what really needs your attention. Each of them posing to be the best and the cheapest option for consumers like us, but all with the same agenda of selling what they have to offer.

All of this is now about to change, as we the team of News Today, are determined to provide you, the real information that not only makes you look at the right direction but also take action. News Today provides a unique and absolutely free of cost way to give you the privilege of choosing the information you want to view, right at your fingertips.

News, Promotions and Entertainment now all on your WhatsApp and absolutely Free.

Now no more surfing across various Websites, no more spending of those extra bills and hours jumping from one News Channel to another and no need to install all those bulky Mobile Apps. Just subscribe to our news list and we will make sure you are up-to- date with the world around you.







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